Notes About Homosexuality

Another Display of Hypocrisy From the So-called “Tolerance” (homosexual activists) Crowd

The Truth About “Homophobia” They Don’t Want You To Know About

The word “homophobe”…it is an extremely hypocritical attempt to insult someone.  Most people (both religious and non-religious) advocate kindness towards homosexuals, despite the fact that they disagree with homosexuality in principle.

Again, this comes down to framing of a word…the term ‘homophobia’ is a social construct, a buzzword invented by homosexual activists, and is being used inaccurately by them to describe any person who disagrees with homosexual behavior on either moral, psychological, and/or medical grounds. Technically the term actually denotes a person who has a phobia — or irrational fear — of homosexuality. Principled disagreement, therefore, cannot be labeled ‘homophobia.’

The argument of “homophobe = closet homosexual” is as ridiculous as accusing pro-lifers of secretly urging to kill babies, or accusing firefighters of secretly urging to burn people or commit arson, or accusing animal rights advocates of secretly urging to beat up and abuse their pets behind closed doors when they get home.

The terms ”homophobia” and ”homophobic” have been tactically used by homosexual activists and their sympathizers to blur the difference between those who actively fear and loathe homosexuals, and those who merely disapprove of homosexuality. The re-framing of the meaning and the blurring is deliberate, done in order to shame the latter into abandoning their disapproval. Tactics like these are used when truth cannot be used to validate their behaviors. So don’t fall for it…stay true to your principled values and beliefs.

The “homosexual” blaming their problems on society and “homophobia” is a total cop-out. How is that all of these problems they experience and at much higher rates than the heterosexual community has either not decreased or has actually increased, when acceptance of homosexuality by the general public is a million times better than it was 10-15 yrs ago? Even though this level of acceptance is a result of propaganda that emotionally manipulated the masses and continues to do so, acceptance of homosexuality is better on a global scale than it ever has been in the history of civilization.  This clearly proves that the problems and higher rates of psychological and health problems that homosexuals continue to experience are directly caused by homosexual behavior/conduct/lifestyle itself.

Even when homosexual behavior is elevated to a special class like it is in countries such as the Netherlands, where a preacher can actually get arrested for preaching about homosexuality from the Bible in his/her own church, their much higher rates of psychological problems and promiscuity prominent with people who identify as homosexuals has NOT decreased. Since the 90s, HIV rates in the homosexual community all over the world have greatly increased, while it has decreased in the heterosexual community. The higher rates of depression, alcohol use, and suicides have NOT changed, while acceptance of homosexuality is much better than it was 10-15 years ago. Homosexual couple (male and female) domestic violence is higher than any other couple, and continues to be on an increase. So much for “homophobia.”

"Homophobia" originally meant to describe how a person always feels intrinsically uncomfortable and/or uneasy with his/her same sex attraction when they first discover they may have it. The original meaning was hijacked by homosexual activists and twisted in order to blame society so as to try and shame all people who disagree with homosexuality into silence. "Homophobia" is nothing more than merely a buzzword. And it is very common that people who are in the deepest denial that they have a problem will point their finger at others before ever think about looking from within.

There has always been people (both religious and non-religious) who have sought out therapy to overcome their same sex attraction, and continue to do so no matter what any of their friends and family where telling them, because they themselves (the individual) know internally that there’s something wrong with it. I know people that didn’t reveal they had same sex attraction to their family members and friends not out of fear that they wouldn’t accept it, but because they knew they would accept it and encourage it. The individual didn’t want to be pressured to accept it because of their own individual reasons why they alone didn’t want to have those feelings.

When have we ever heard of a person ever seeking out therapy because they are uncomfortable or uneasy with being attracted to the opposite sex?
NEVER. There are many people with same sex attraction surrounded by families and friends who are affirming of homosexuality, yet they internally knew something is not right with it, so they kept it to themselves until they found help to overcome it…

Also, think about how our society promotes and accepts lesbianism…I almost never met a random guy who doesn’t physically get turned on by the thought or idea of 2 or more women together, and therefore in all of their blissful ignorance, encourages it. Even heterosexual identified females are usually more okay with the idea of two women together, even though they wouldn’t do it themselves. Yet, there always has been and still are women with same sex attraction who based on their own individual decision seek out therapy to overcome it.

And anybody can learn to be “comfortable” and live in denial with a disorder or a maladaptive behavior. People with disorders do it all the time. As a matter of fact, bulimics go out of their way through life doing all they can to show the public and people in their lives that they are doing great and functioning through life just fine. People who embrace their same sex attraction as “who they are” are really no different.

The argument that homosexuality is not a maladaptation because any distress they feel is based on how society treats them, is null and void. It would stand to reason that if society’s view/treatment of homosexuality improved, then their higher levels of psychological and medical problems would decrease. This has not happened and is not happening.

Society’s treatment, acceptance, etc has improved so much over the years to the extent better than it ever has since the dawn of civilization. There has never been so many people who have falsely believed that homosexuals are born that way than there is today. And there has never been a civilization in history that considered legalizing same sex “marriage.” Yet the level of distress and/or problems the average identified homosexual experiences has not decreased, and in many areas has increased. Therefore, society and “homophobia” are not to blame. The evidence and reality proves that the homosexual activists’ definition of the word “homophobia” is more-less a farce and just another one of their propaganda tactics.

Exploiting Matthew Shepard’s Tragedy for “Hate” Crimes Legislation

The criminals didn’t seek Matthew Shepard out, because he was a homosexual. They were after his money, first and foremost. It was a robbery gone awry, the 2 convicted murderers were either on meth or experiencing a meth withdrawal, and one of the murderers was/is bisexual himself according to a former girlfriend. The mainstream media reports also failed to mention that right after they left Shepard for dead that night, they also tried to rob and beat up a straight guy, but failed because the straight guy had a friend that ran up to help him, so they backed off.

Don’t overlook that the following article has more than 1 page (see bottom of the article)…

How much of the mainstream media reported on these crimes…

Notice how the homosexual sympathizers believe that all people who disagree with homosexuality is based from religion? They are like stuck records; they assume (when they’re not being abusive with insults and ad hominem attacks) that all who disagree with homosexuality have a religious agenda. They fail to recognize that the average church group or ex-gay group has always ran on a budget and gets funding at an extremely small fraction that homosexual activist groups do. They also fail to recognize that one doesn’t need to be a Bible thumper to understand that homosexuality is a developmental issue caused by an emotional disturbance in one’s gender that eventually gets sexualized, and is definitely not equal to heterosexuality. Whether you are religious or not, have faith or not, objective science void of identity politics, as well as irrefutable Natural Law, logic, common sense all confirm what the Bible already tells us regarding the matter of homosexuality.

Yes, those homosexual activist leaders in the “movement” will probably not soften their hearts, however, those friends and relatives that we know with same sex attraction who just want to live a quiet life and be left alone are the ones who have been and are being deceived.

(See my blog on the next page titled, “Homosexual-on-Homosexual Crimes Far Greater Than Heterosexual-on-Homosexual Crimes”)

Bullying is NOT the Root Cause of Suicides

Introducing children to homosexuality by telling them stories like King and King uses shame-based story lines to guilt children (as young as possible) into accepting homosexual behavior as being the same as simply trying a new food…

This is Pavlonian style brainwashing and indoctrination, plain and simple.

Not a grade or two later after books like King and King are introduced to children, they proceed to introduce graphic pamphlets, such as the littleblackbook…

This is not happening everywhere YET…mainly it’s happening in areas that have legalized same sex “marriage,” and the more same sex “marriage” is legalized, the more this will be happening.

Every child goes through the natural latency period between 2 and puberty where the opposite sex is gross or has cooties. This is a natural stage of child’s development, so they can figure out the world and how their own gender fits into it. What the homosexual activists are doing (under the guise of anti-bullying and sensitivity training) is sexualizing that “opposite sex has cooties” stage, thus confusing the child or teen into thinking that it means he/she is or may be homosexual. (Early exposure to pornography can have the same effect too). This IS indoctrination and IS child abuse, because it induces gender confusion, and is the reason why these children and teens are more susceptible to suicide ideation, especially if they don’t have such a great family life at home…

The over-simplification of “Bullying = Suicides” is an attempt to further push homosexual indoctrination on children.  Nobody just decides to commit suicide overnight or in the blink of an eye. Suicide Ideation starts from within…internal conflicts, such as anxiety and depression that festers from within. Bullying may be the ‘tipping point’ that may push somebody over-the-edge, but it is NOT the root cause of suicide and suicide ideation.

If bullying were the root cause of suicide, we would have thousands of children and teens taking their own lives MONTHLY. But according to the LGBT-friendly CDC reports, we have 4,400 youth suicides per year.  About 1/3 of those suicides or an average of around 1,466/year are SUSPECTED (not conclusively proven) to be committed by children/teens that identify or were perceived to be homosexual.  If that 1/3 assumption is correct, then they account for only 4% of all suicides that occur in the US each year. Not something that should be ignored, but far from the epidemic the homosexual activists claim and propagate in the media. We are clearly being emotionally manipulated by the homosexual activists.

In fact, children or teens that act homosexual do not get bullied anywhere near the level and frequency that over-weight or obese children and teens get bullied. And with the obesity rates on the rise, I think that is a cause for a much bigger concern. But we won’t solve that problem by having a bunch of over-weight/obese activists pressuring schools to teach children the wonders of eating junk food and not exercising. No. We simply put forth laws and policies that any kind of bullying for any reason will NOT be tolerated and enforce them with an effective punishment, such as expulsion, and/or criminal charges of assault. At the same time, we offer help to the over-weight child/teen to get them involved in healthier activities to promote weight loss.  The same approach should be used to help children overcome their same sex attractions/gender identity confusion.

Again, blaming suicides on bullying is a gross over-simplification.

You can’t stop the bleeding by putting a band-aid over a deep wound…

Here’s a video that makes a valid point about bullying…

If you think or believe that maybe bullying leads to depression, hating yourself, and anxiety, etc, then you simply need to learn how to stick up for yourself and defend yourself. Learn how to assert your confidence. I’ll give you an example…when I was 13, I wanted to fit in with the popular group of kids, so I starting picking on the same kid they were. Well, after about the 2nd or 3rd time I picked on him, he turned around, grabbed me by the neck, push me up against the wall, cocked his fist back, looked me dead in the eye, and asked me if I was going to stop. I was stronger than him, but he took me by surprise. He asserted himself and stood up to me just enough to put me in my place without harming me. I never picked on anybody ever again after that experience. 

If you are someone with same sex attraction and/or is identifying themselves as homosexual, keep in mind that I know that there are many doors into the homosexual lifestyle. This is describing one of those doors. One of these days people are going to realize that the biggest bullies of them all and the ones who do the most harm to persons with same sex attraction are the homosexual activists themselves.

Our Gender Does Matter

When two women claim they are capable of having the same relationship as a man and woman do, the implication is that every man’s contribution to relationships, marriage, and family is replaceable and unnecessary.

And two men claiming their relationship is just as much a relationship or marriage as a heterosexual committed relationship implicitly dismisses any contribution of every woman, thus also claiming women are inconsequential to relationships, marriage, and family. This is REAL (gender) discrimination.

Nobody is born homosexual, and nobody who has those feelings or desires chooses it either. There’s much confusion on this issue, and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is NOT a legitimate organization on this issue, as people mistakenly assume, for they have been dominated and bullied by homosexual activists since the early 70s and still continue to do so. In fact, their decision to remove homosexuality from the list of disorders in 1973 was NOT based on any scientific objectivity, but a result of homosexual activist bullying, threats, and coercion.

Homosexuality is a maladaptive feeling and behavior as a result of psychological trauma having to do with gender. Another words, it is a developmental issue, so saying that those feelings or desires is a choice is irresponsible. Acting on it, however, is a choice.

The homosexual “coming out” story isn’t about finding who you are; it’s a sexualized emotional place people come to when they have given up and have let their issues take control of who they are, rather than learning to overcome them.

Studies (see above) have shown that even in the completely pro-homosexual friendly societies such as the Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, Brazil, Canada, the state of Massachusetts, the Castro District in San Fran, etc. that homosexuals still experience psychological problems 4Xs greater than the average heterosexual.

Lets say a “homosexual” gene did exist. Well, due to the much higher levels and risks of medical consequences as a result of homosexual sex in both homosexual males and females, the discovery of a “homosexual” gene, would only be MUCH more of a reason to not engage in that behavior. Just like if an alcoholic gene was found, that would be more of a reason not to take the first drink.

Orientation is NOT an identity. Nobody is born with a sexual orientation. People are NOT sexual at birth. Only the fraudulent and criminal “science” of Alfred Kinsey claims such a dangerous thing.

Even heterosexual behavior is ultimately chosen, but the biology and physiology of a man and a woman tells us what the true feelings and nature of our orientation is or at least should be…heterosexual.

Male bodies have male sex organs. Female bodies have female sex organs. DNA self-evidently ordered the production of these complimentary sexual parts …and, the only reason human bodies have sexual feelings at all, is because of the chemical and hormonal process, rooted in its procreative, heterosexual design. all studies which have claimed to find an immutable cause for same-sex attraction and sodomy have crumbled under the scrutiny of peer review.

Sexuality is based on our gender. It is NOT a ghost in a machine like what people with same sex attraction would like to believe. Gender differences exist; they are a fundamental reality of our biology and impact our psychology. Our maleness and femaleness is a key aspect to our personhood. Acknowledging, rather than ignoring (or worse denying), gender differences is the only intellectually honest response to this reality

Gender differences are complementary; individuals, our collective humanity, and society as a whole, all benefit from masculine and feminine characteristics. Our design orientates us towards the opposite sex. We are better for having men with a clear understanding of their masculinity and women with a clear understanding of their femininity.

People experiencing SSA conceptualize themselves as an abstract consciousness inhabiting an impersonal body…they think they’re a ghost in a machine. But in fact, the procreative physiological design of the body is self-evident, so any encouragement into gender bending in any way is neither ethical or healthy, and is therefore the reason why people with same sex attraction and gender identity confusion are more prone to psychological problems such as suicide ideation, and not because of the social construct of “homophobia.”

Gender identity confusion and SSA does exist in a small minority of individuals. It is a painful pathology and warrants a compassionate response. However it is not the ‘normative’ experience, and is not therefore a paradigm upon which to drive social policy and institutions.

Gender as complimentary opposites is a basic physiological reality, which unfortunately has been politicized. This is what is not helpful, and what is truly dehumanizing.

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